June 20, 2024

The Integrated Grievance Redress System for the advancement of citizens of the state of Telangana has been initiated by the Government of Telangana. In today’s post, we will share valuable information about the Telangana state’s Integrated Grievance Redressal System. Citizens will be allowed to file any concerns on any subject from which they receive issues via the portal. In this post, for all the residents of Telangana, we will share important elements linked to the portal. In this post, we will also include a list of the Integrated Grievance Redressal systems that are available. We would also provide the step-by-step process by those you will get your authorization for your encumbrance certification.

What is Integrated Grievance Redressal System?

The Integrated Redressal Grievance System is a platform from which citizens of the state of Telangana can carry out various land-related processes and carry out the registration of certain essential certificates of encumbrance. The citizen would be able to receive appropriate types of documentation via the creation of such a websites without leaving their homes. While we all know, often we do not travel to those government agencies to carry out these procedures. At that time, the Telangana site’s Integrated Grievance Redressal System would assist all residents by delivering groundbreaking facilities while seated at home.


IGRS Telangana Portal Information:

Name Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS)
Beneficiaries Residents Of Telangana state
Launched by Telangana Government
Objective Registration & Stamping
Official website https://registration.telangana.gov.in


By TS IGRS, people can access a variety of facilities. This can be accomplished by accessing the website for Telangana stamps and registers at registration.Telangana.gov.in/. The following are the various services provided by IGRSTelangana:

  • People should look at the existing market value of the property they are prepared to purchase.
  • In your region/village/district, IGRS also offers the option to search banned and contested assets.
  • People can check for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) 24/7 from everywhere with the aid of the Internet through this website.
  • Certified versions of different records for registration can also be accessed online from the IGRS website.
  • Details pertaining to land, culture, corporation and marriage registry may be used by individuals.
  • IGRS Telangana provides the public, insurance agencies, stamp vendors and licence holders of franking machinery with various e-stamp registration services.
  • It also reports data on various Chit funds.
  • People will scan for the offices of their IGRS sub-registrar.
  • The registration department of Telangana also enables users to share their reviews, grievances and periodically inform them on their development.

List of available facilities at IGRS Telangana:

In the Integrated Grievance Redress System of the Telangana State, the corresponding list of services is provided below:-

  • Property Registration
  • Encumbrance Search(EC)
  • Marriage Registration
  • Market Value Search
  • Prohibited Property
  • Certified Copy
  • Know Your SRO
  • Department Users
  • Information on Chit Fund
  • Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking services
  • Society Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Dashboards

How is IGRS TELANGANA helpful?

  • Without needing to wait in line for long hours, people can access critical information at any moment, anywhere.
  • With the assistance of innovative technical solutions, IGRS Telangana is an excellent example of ‘Good Governance’.
  • The IGRS public redress mechanism encourages persons to lodge their complaints and problems.
  • IGRS’s seamless operation guarantees accountability, and helps to minimise collusion and fraudulent transactions.
  • It helps to save a lot of time and money, since this whole procedure is streamlined.
  • IGRS helps both the government and citizens, since there is no requirement to contact the agency in person. Via Telangana stamps and the registration portal, all essential facilities can be directly accessed available on the internet.

IGRS Telangana EC Search:

With this operation, any properties registered in the department of the Sub-Registrar can be checked for additional burden. Earlier, to receive encumbrance, you had to personally go to the office of the Sub-Registrar. Remember, however, that a transaction/certificate of internet encumbrance is valid after 1 January 1983. You ought to contact the SRO office in question to receive an encumbrance certificate before 1983.


Step-by-step search process for IGRS Telangana EC:

  • Log in to the official web page for the Telangana Register and Stamp Office
  • In the “Online Service providers” section, clicking on “Encumbrance Certificate” found in the lower right corner of the tab.


  • It’s going to redirecting you to another page where you’d like to give a lowdown about what EC is everything about.
  • Please read the caution and press on ‘submit.’
  • You will be routed to another tab that allows you to pick the search parameters from the drop-down menu.
  • If you pick ‘File No.’ as your searching criterion, the first few elements of the name of your SRO and the year of registration must be entered to search for Telangana EC.
  • If you pick ‘Form Entry’ as your search criterion, you will be allowed to search by entering the required fields, includes, but not limited to, flat number, street address, district name, and SRO information.

Measures for finding SRO Telangana:

Given below how to finding SRO Telangana:


  • Go over to the segment called Browsing and select on Know Your SRO.
  • Two alternatives are presented to you-“Know Your Jurisdiction SRO” and “Village Directory.”
  • When you press on the first choice, you will be redirected to that other tab from the drop-down menu where you’ll have to pick your district, mandal, and village.
  • After choosing, to verify your SRO, press ‘submit’.

Steps to having a certified copy of IGRS Telangana:

  1. Go to the portion named Online Resources and press on Certified Copy.
  2. You will be routed to another page where you will need to press either “Certified Document Copy (On Payment)” or “Certification Copy (Only Newly Registered).”
  3. If you instead clicked on the option, you would be redirected to the Meeseva Web Portal, where you will need to to choose the SRO, district, year and documentation number to obtain the certified copy information.
  4. Alternatively, when you tap on the ‘Certified Copy of File (New Registrations Only)’ button, you will be redirected to a page during which you will need to enter your registered mobile phone number and security code to obtain a certified copy.

Telangana at IGRS advantages and benefits:

The below are a few advantages and benefits of this portal:

  • Reducing red tape:

For any service-related problem, persons do not need to contact any government department or division. They can do that online and stop red tape in that direction.

  • Hassle free form of complaint filing:
  • People will submit reports on this page and get their concerns answered easily.
  • Promotes Service Transparency:

The primary goal of this platform is to eliminate bad practices and corruption.

  • Disponibility of several documents:

The platform of the IGRS needs to allow people to access a few documents, thereby eliminating the need to visit the assigned office manual process.


An android mobile application has been launched by the Telangana Registration Department (IGRS) to encourage fellow citizens and to expanded the Government Accountability initiative. This app allows people to directly use their cell phones to experience all the IGRS services. The IGRS android application offers various e-services including the e-services such as eChallan, eChallan Non-Registration, Signed Record Information, Encumbrance Check (EC), Calculator of registration fees and Sticker, Registration and Usage fee details. From here, you can install this application for free.


Through the Registry and Stamps Department, the Government of Telangana retains its old records and papers. Such papers are relevant as they act as court proof in case of conflicts. The department concerned is also responsible for many other state utilities, such as paper registration, collection of revenue, etc., and operates through IGRS Telangana.

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