July 22, 2024

In Indian communities, arrival is an important time. Every Indian parents aspires to celebrate the marriage of their children grandly. The majority of the middle-class family members below face numerous problems celebrating the wedding of their daughter, particularly in monetary terms. A program, UP Shadi Anudan, also named UP Marriage Reward Scheme, was introduced by the Yogi Adithyanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh. Under this policy, the government offers the beneficiaries girl family with financial help to celebrate the marriage without any obstacles. The qualified applicants can check out the official shadianudan.upsdc.gov.in portal to apply for the marriage incentive system implemented by the government of the UP online.

What is UP Shadi Anudanan?

Under CM Yogi Adithyanath’s guidance, the UP govt launched the UP Anudan Shadi Scheme. The government provides the girl’s parents a necessary support to celebrate her wedding under this scheme. The married girl’s family would receive a state government financial reward of 51,000 Rupees. This proposal would be for the girls who relates to the families of the SC/ST, OBC, Minority. On the official site, qualifying low-income family may register online.


Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Need to see the eligible conditions that should be met by a candidate to become eligible for the UP Vihah Anudan Yojana.
  • The parents of the claimant needs to be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The girl’s parents must contribute to a community with a low level of income.
  • For the application of the UP Marriage Reward Scheme, the candidate girl should have been 18 years old.
  • All the documentation needed for the application should be kept by the candidate.

How to Register the UP Marriage Grant Scheme in Online:

Need to see the online registration process to apply for the marriage reward scheme of the Uttar Pradesh Govt. This scheme is for families with low incomes that aren’t in a position to cover the marriage costs.

  • First step Visit the UP Shadi Anudan Official website.
  • This brings the online current user to the corresponding home page of that site.


  • Select on the candidate Category show in the Home Page General, SC/ST Application.
  • Enter the your Daughter marriage Date, Dist, Urban/Rural Area, Tehsil, Upload the applicant, and photo of the daughter in the candidate information.
  • Enter the Full name of the candidate and the name of the daughter, the number of the certificates for faith, caste and caste, and submit a photograph of the identification card.


  • Enter the name of the respondent’s parents  the gender of the applicant, the father’s full name of the daughter.
  • When the claimant is a widow or is handicapped, choose the Yes option.
  • Join the daughter’s relationship with the claimant, phone number, and password.
  • If indeed the user is applying to have another daughter, press Yes/No.


  • In the Marriage Information section, fill the name of the groom, complete addresses of the groom, birthdate of the bride, age of the bride, proofs of age photograph and signature, certification of marriage confirmation, age of groom, certificate of marriage upload photograph.
  • Entry the annual revenue provided by Tehsil in the Yearly Income Information Column, Income Certification Number, and Upload photograph of the Income Certificate.


  • Insert the bank name, branch, IFSC code, banking information, and submit the Bank Pass Book information in the Bank Info Section.
  • Enter the Typed Code, like the one shown in picture.
  • Finally Select the Save Icon button you can successfully Summited.

Track Status of Application:

This site also helps users to monitor the status of requests submitted online.

  • You must access the official website of UP Shadi Anudan Application Form Status portal.


  • Tap on the ‘Application form status’ button on the site’s homepage.
  • Now, pick your districts and insert your register number or account number and press the “Search” option.
  • The progress of your submission form can now be viewed.

The Scheme Features:

Below, the characteristics of the Shadi Anudan Scheme are discussed.

  1. This scheme provides incentives to low-income family members who are not economically competent for the marriage of their daughter.
  2. A maximum of 2 daughters from one families will receive a wedding grant.
  3. In the wedding application, the daughter should be more than 18 years old to be married.
  4. Under this program, the lower-income family of all parts of the state have been included in the goal of providing grants to all two lakh households.
  5. In the economic year 2016-17, financial arrangements of Rs 400 crore were included for this reason.
  6. Both district judges are being guided from time to time by video conferencing to reach the 100 percent goal in this scheme, and a detailed summary of progress is also being made.

Required documents:

At the time of submission of your registration form, the appropriate documentation are to be produced.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Applicant’s identity card
  • Passport size photo
  • Applicant’s marriage certificate
  • Bank account
  • Mobile number

What is the opportunity under the UP Shadi Anudan Scheme that even a candidate girl gets?

There under UP Shadi Anudan Scheme, the requesting girl receiving a sum of 51,000 Rupees.

That after process of registering, may I verify the status of my application?

Yes, applications may, after the registration system, track the progress of their submission.

Is the certificate of marriages an obligatory document to be submitted at the time of registration?

Yeah, at the time of enrollment for UP Shadi Anudan Yojana, it should be enough to send a marriage certificate online.

How long will Shadi Anudan Yojana be able to get money?

All who applies needed to understand how long the money from the Shadi Anudan scheme is being sent to the bank account. So we can inform you that 30 to 60 days are being set aside for this by the administration. Or it could take 90 days to take advantage of this scheme. Well above village planning officer, all this process is expected up and all the officers who check the submission.


The Marriage Benefit Scheme was initiated by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Within this Shadi Anudan Yojana, for the Shadi of the daughter’s, the government should starting give an incentive sum of about 51000. And whatever the poor and economically weak family members are. For Shadi, his daughter, he can avail himself of this policy.

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