May 21, 2024
Importance of using LMS for Pre-Schools

Learning Management Systems(LMS) might have been introduced in recent times, however, universities, colleges and multiple other educational institutions have been using them for a long enough time. Only recently, since after the pandemic, have we realized its integral and almost irreplaceable roles in multiple other school levels.

What is a Learning Management System(LMS)?

Specifically for Pre-Schools, a school learning management system uses cloud-based, AI methodologies online to organise everyday activities and assist teachers simultaneously.

Here, an LMS is a portal that collaborates with student-teacher activity and acts as a medium of learning and communication for every educational purpose one can imagine. Organising a routine? This has them covered! Often, other systems like an attendance manager, admission portal, and progress tracker, are incorporated into the same for better convenience and additional assistance.

Let’s get straight to the benefits of using a well-structured and maintained LMS for Pre-Schools;

Streamlined Management

Teachers find it easy to organise classes because usually preschools have different subject teachers assigned to different grades throughout the day. Arranging several offline meetings with the school and management staff, and filling out details manually in class schedules is time-consuming and inefficient. An educator is more productive with a  school learning management system. Simple activities like taking attendance, updating students on canceled or extra classes, grading sheets and even providing handouts are streamlined.

Encourages Student Participation

Using an online portal is mostly fun for preschool students because they were born and brought up in the age of gadgets. Don’t mistake them as unfit for using advanced systems, it has been found that teenagers are rather total with online mediums and how to use them. It can be exciting for them to access learning materials, ultimately encouraging them to utilize their time in a learning management system rather than aimlessly surfing the internet. Some schools have open libraries, archives and interesting educational material in the form of video lectures or video activities. Simply interacting in the elements is also academically motivating, it gives them a sense of community allowing them to discover the pleasure of gaining knowledge every day.

Academic Assistance

Pre-school students need a lot of academic help since this is the age where they get introduced to multiple new subjects, activities, and learning methodologies. They might have to clear it out several times before they finally clear the concept of specific topics. This help is available as long as they ask for it. One of the best features of online LMS portals is that allow real-time communication through chat rooms, video sessions, and even voice chats.

Parent Involvement

This is the age when parents are naturally concerned about their ward’s academic and physical development simultaneously. Since school is a place where they visit every day, they expect teachers to look after such progress and get themselves involved healthily. An LMS portal allows them to view their child’s routine successfully without having to constantly nag their child about it. They can view attendance sheets, with pending assignments, weekly activities, participation levels, and even feedback from teachers on their homework. For the parent’s ease of mind, and to help their child through school activities successfully, remaining up to date with the school’s online portal is extremely important.

Despite the contributions of teachers to incorporate a fairly new virtual system in equally virtual or hybrid classrooms, not every preschool has been successful in motivating students or parents to use the same. Challenges lie in simplifying the interface to allow all types of students to use the LMS portals with ease. Imagine how difficult it might be for a single child to cope with 5 hours of school and learn an entire online management system in one go.

What helps here is;

  • Assistance in utilising the features of an LMS (for 3-4 weeks at least) to familiarise students.
  • Catchy, attractive and responsive catalogue or themes. It encourages a preschool student’s conscience.
  • Responsive portal (with a loading time of 4-5 seconds at most).
  • Continuous updates while fixing previous page bugs.

The advice list extends long, depending on the specific problems of an institution. With the right direction and training on part of the school teachers, not only a preschool, every kind of educational institution will be able to use an LMS uninterrupted.

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