July 22, 2024

We are mostly informed of the digital technology that is taking place in our country, while the Karnataka govt creates the Bhoomi online land recording to maintain with the tradition within which Karnataka state residents can Quickly checking their land details through online mode. Today, we would shared with our followers the important elements of the online land records service of Karnataka Bhoomi within this post. We will provide a process guidance in this article through which you can conduct various procedures associated with online land records system of Bhoomi Karnataka.

Bhoomi Portal – Karnataka Land Record Online:

The Revenue Department of Karnataka State has planned and implemented the Bhoomi RTC webportal. tThrough the Bhoomi portal, the significant purpose is to create and digitation all the land original documents that prevail in the state of Karnataka. You may also send or remove documents relating to your land in the state of Karnataka using the Bhoomi portal platform. In Karnataka state, several people should also be able to search the amount of territory they own via the development of this online framework.

What is RTC?

Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops is the complete form of RTC. An significant land registry documentation in Karnataka that is given to the current landowner is the RTC documents (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops), also identified as Pahani.


Documents provide information regarding:

  • Data relating to the landowner
  • Identified  type of soil
  • The Land Type
  • Crops which are grown on the land
  • The Land’s Field
  • Water Rate, i.e. how much water should be used to sustain fertile land
  • Residences flood zone for industrial, agricultural and non-agricultural purposes
  • Nature of ownership Possession
  • Financial assets such as land-based bank loans
  • The Tenancy

How to Register at the Portal of Bhoomi:

You should be mandatory required to Bhoomi register first at the portal in order to take advantage of the services provided at Bhoomi.

  • First step you can Visit the official login page for Bhoomi provided below.


  •  You can redirect to the Register page, press the ‘Build account’ button.


  • Insert the all relevant information including the text of the Captcha verify Code


  • To registered at Bhoomi Portal, they press the displaying on ‘Sign Up/Submit’.


  • On process completion of these information, people can access their accounts details.

How do I search the RTC on the Karnataka Bhoomi website?

To review RTC/online Pahani’s report on the Bhoomi portal, following this step-by-step processes:


  • First of all you can Visit the portal for Karnataka Bhoomi
  • And Select the option ‘View RTC and MR’.
  • You will now be taken to a new webpage where the name of the dist., taluk, Hobli, and village must be entered listed.
  • To search documents, type the surveys number and click the fetch button.

What is the Procedure for Bhoomi Karnataka Land Registry?

Within Bhoomi Karnataka, follow the instructions mentioned below to registering your property.

  1. Until beginning, keep have all necessary documentation ready including the mandatory stamp paper.
  2. Send these documentation to the sub-registrar of your authority.
  3. Post-document confirmation; pay a specified land registration fee and receive a receipt.
  4. Submit images taken upon this spot as well.
  5. Next, within that presence of a representative, both the buyers and sellers of the land involved ought to have written consent.
  6. The land records are deemed to be registered after this, indicated by a number allocation.

In Bhoomi web portal, how to obtain a mutation report:

Through the following procedure, Bhoomi digital RTC web portal members can extract their mutation reports from either the website.

  • First of all Visit the official Bhoomi webpage portal and press on the ‘View RTC and MR’ link.
  • Click on the ‘Mutation Report’ underneath it.
  • Enter information such as the districts name, village or town, Hobli, survey number, numbers of Hissa, number of Surnoc, and so on.
  • After that, to extraction the mutation report, click ‘Fetch Information’.

How to download Pahani (RTC) online from Bhoomi website portal?

You want to do so if you’d like to download the RTC application form online for legal or loan application purposes. Pay and consider this step-by-step process through the Online banking portal:

  1. Visit the Bhoomi web portal, then from the top menu, select ‘i-RTC.’
  2. Enter the information needed here and continue.
  • District
  • Taluk
  • Hobli
  • Village
  • Survey Number
  • Surnoc
  • Hissa Number
  1. You will be guided to a new page where the following information need to be filled in.
  2. Click the ‘Fetch Info’ button and view RTC
  3. Click on the ‘Download and pay’ link.
  4. The charge is Rs 10 and, until your payment transactions  is verified, you can download the RTC in the PDF format.

Profits of Farmers Bhoomi web Portal:

Over most of the years, the Bhoomi platform has proven to be a convenient way for farmers to access land-related records and information. The portal provided farmers with resources to make use of essential documents, such as:

  • Copy of land records which could later be used by a farmer to applied for loans or other considerations
  • It is easy to obtain a copy of the RTC by supplying the plots number or the name of the land property owner.
  • Mutation requests that farmers, in the situation of selling or ownership of a property, could use to change land records
  • Crop data that can later be used in the i-RTC to insure crops or claiming insurance.
  • Farmers also have connections to the Bhoomi website to checking the application status of mutation requests
  • Records of territorial disputes where a farmer is allowed to apply them to courts concerning property disputes

A farmer may request some other inspector at Taluk level to complete the application if the revenue department officer fails to approve a mutation request within 50 days.

Bhoomi Karnataka RTC: Recent updates:

Approximately 1.25 lakh applications are awaiting to be revised on the RTC website throughout the last 3 years, according to govt statistics. The authority are of the opinion that the pendency is due to the mutation and change of ownership over and above the current length of the land. Bidar has the largest amount of applicants seeking corrective actions in the RTC (26,200), followed by Chamarajanagar, according to news reports (10,825). There are over 9,600 applications pending for Bengaluru Urban. At present, it is not possible to make RTC corrections online. Therefore, after checking the details supplied by the claimant, a lot of work has to be performed manually.

What is Bhoomi?

Bhoomi is the Karnataka State Land Records Platform, where customers can connect and download personal documents.

What is Pahani?

Pahani is a type of field document that lists information of the land owners and property-related requirements.


The Bhoomi land information project was jointly undertaken by the Government of India and the State Gov’t of Karnataka to digitize land records and ease controlled of the land register in the state. It was implemented in the year 2000 and uses advanced technology by Records of Rights (RTCs), Tenancy and Crop Details for careful management of land records.

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